Bale Bag with Top Safety Bolt
Heavy Duty Slow Feed Hay Net  - Keeps horses busy eating for many hours. Simulates Grazing. Bale Size -  Slow Feed Hay Bag 
Includes a top safety bolt that screws instead of snaps to hang high, low or make into a ground pillow.
Will hold up to 1 regular  - two string - square bale of hay.  
To fill this bag just leave strings on the bale and stand it on end, then pull the bag down over the hay bale then flip it over & pull the bag up like a pillow case.  Remove the strings/twine from your hay before feeding.  
Hang Nets from ONE point only to avoid heads & legs getting entangled. 
NEVER hang any bags from 2 ends or both corners.
If your horse has shoes: hang or enclose nets so nets NEVER come in contact with shoes & do not use nets on ground or low enough where shoes could come in contact with nets. 
  • Item #: 2004

Bale Bag with Top Safety Bolt

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