Slow Feed Hay Bag - Slows consumption rate, so your horse will be busy eating 3-4 Hours instead of 30-45 minutes! If you hang to swing freely it's like a big hay toy!


Our Medium Slow Feed Hay Bags are Approx. 42" Long

 Made in the USA to hold up to heavy use.

Not the flimsy material you may get with other bags. 

Approx 2" holes 

These bags are designed to hold 3+ flakes of most hay to keep your horse busy for hours.  If you'd like your horse to have hay all day hang multiple bags in different locations to encourage movement from bag to bag like natural grazing or add a bucket buddy for even more simulated grazing choices.

Hang Nets from one point only to avoid heads & legs getting tangled. Never hang any bags from 2 ends or both corners. 

 If your horse has shoes: hang or enclose nets so nets NEVER come in contact with shoes & do not use nets on ground or low enough where shoes could come in contact with nets. 

Includes a drawstring. 

To secure net into buckets. troughs etc. order DIY Kit 

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Medium Slow Feed Hay Net Approx. 42" long with a Drawstring

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